Michelin CrossClimate2 All-Season 205/55R17/XL 95V Tire

Michelin CrossClimate2 All-Season 205/55R17/XL 95V Tire

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Michelin CrossClimate 2 Tire

Your family's safety tomorrow depends on the tires you choose today.

Michelin CrossClimate 2 is the peerless year-round performance tire — Michelin's most advanced and most versatile passenger tire in more than two decades. Innovations in tread compound and design enable CrossClimate2 to deliver unmatched year-round performance in unexpected weather conditions ― an improved combination that's never been seen before in a passenger or crossover tire for North America.

Improving the industry-leading record of its predecessor . the Michelin CrossClimate+: CC+ earned top scores against all other “performance all-season” tires by one independent testing agency (Consumer Reports . Nov. 2019 . test results for “Performance all season tires”). CC+ also ranked “most recommended” by another independent firm ( . consumer ratings for “Grand Touring All-Season” category).

Michelin CrossClimate 2 grips to the last stop for drivers who want to get out there safely year-round and confidently in all conditions. Michelin CrossClimate 2 delivers unmatched gripping performance in the rain . even when worn. And let's face it . everyone is driving on worn tires.

RAIN. “Grips to the last stop .” because even in wet conditions . the worn Michelin CrossClimate 2 beats Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady . a leading competitor . by more than 50 feet in wet-stopping tests from 50 mph. And among four leading competitors . CrossClimate 2 stopped even as the others were still going 24 mph or more.

DRY. Stopping first matters even in fair weather: Michelin CrossClimate 2 stops up to 16 feet shorter (more than one full car length!) on dry pavement than four leading competitors ― so you can keep your cool even when traffic heats up.

SNOW. Extend your safe-driving confidence year-round . across the seasons: With a “3-peak mountain snowflake rating .” even when worn Michelin CrossClimate 2 delivers up to 31% better traction in the snow than four leading all-season competitors.

Real-road testing shows the incomparable Michelin CrossClimate 2 rolls safely and wears longer than leading competitors ― it's not even close. Michelin CrossClimate 2 is the first of its kind . delivering unsurpassed performance across all seasons and without compromising treadwear. Michelin CrossClimate 2 consistently delivers up to one year of additional wear . compared with four leading competitors — that's more than 15 .000 miles of year-round safe driving and safe stopping (based on U.S. DoT . 13 .500 average annual miles per driver).

Michelin CrossClimate 2 lasts 11–23% longer than the other leading all-season tires from the largest competitors (Continental CrossContact LX25 & PureContact LS; Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady; and Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack). Michelin's innovative combination of rubber compound and directional tread design on Cross Climate 2 solves dealers' concerns about treadwear (mileage or longevity) . noise and servicing.

Directional V-formation tread design optimizes rain and snow traction while improving dry handling and long wear without compromise. Other “all-season” tires can deliver one of these performances . but not all. Wear: V-formation and 3D-SipeLock in the tread design distribute forces evenly for long wear while also delivering maximum grip and sporty handling in dry conditions.

Noise: You can't hear a difference! Michelin used PIANO Noise Reduction Tuning to design a tread with blocks and angles that cancel out “harmonic” road noise and create ideal amplitude for the contact patch ― as quiet or better than Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady and Bridgestone Quiet Track . based on internal test results.

Servicing: V-formation presents clear directional cue for intuitive installation; tested to deliver even . long wear that meets the warranty promise with periodic front-to-back rotations.

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